Thank you for taking the time to read my bio.

I began my photography career in 2002 while I was playing hockey in Germany. Eventually fate intervened and I made a choice to follow a career in photography. Since then I have never looked back.

In my early stages of my career I was mentored by a photographer who helped me build my portfolios in the following areas. Travel Photography, Commercial Photography, Editorial Photography, Commercial Portraiture and Industrial Photography.

I am fortunate to have my work published in several travel publications, Some of these countries include Taiwan, Belize, Thailand, Germany, Egypt, Guatemala, West Indies, Jamaica, Jordan, Puerto Rico, Mexico, China, France, Poland, Thailand, and many others.

My true passion however lies in commercial portraiture and all forms of portrait photography. I have been fortunate enough to be given the privilege to shoot some key personas very early on such as Hugh Heffner, Indy Car Driver Danica Patrick, Alberta Premiers Ed Stelmach, Ralph Klein, Various NHL hockey players Shedon Souray, Jarett Stoll, Ethan Moreau and others. As well as many key Alberta and Vancouver politicians and business people.

One of the most valuable keys to the success I have had over the past few years are the solid business relationships I have formed with Vancouver design firms and Vancouver Advertising Agencies (please see client list).

In 2007 I studied and worked in Paris where I shot for various commercial clients. However I put in motion a plan to further hone my photography skills studying at SPEOS. I am firm believer that a photographer should never stop learning. Thus I ended up studying Photojournalism under Reuters Head photographer John Schults, Commercial Photography and Studio Photography Louis Vuitton photographer Zaklina Radovanovic and the art history of photography under master photographer Pierre-Yves Mahé. The skills taught to me by this group of instructors helped shape my body of work into what it is today, I owe them immensely.

In the past few years I have been invited quite regularly by various groups, organizations, colleges and universities to speak about the craft of photography, this is something I quite enjoy and look forward to doing more of in the future.

I always make time to shoot nonprofit photography exhibitions. In 2008 I travelled with the Canadian Olympic Taekwondo Team to shoot them for a photography exhibition. The images from this exhibit were displayed in Beijing, Egypt, Iran and across Canada in various print forms. I have just completed a Firefighter photo exhibit which is to released mid 2010. Consequently the 2010 Vancouver Olympics also proved to be a fantastic experience as well.

I really consider myself privileged to be able to make my living taking pictures in a city like Vancouver. It's one of the most difficult careers to make a living in and I would like to thank everyone who has hired me to shoot for them. Putting trust in my abilities and giving me the opportunity to expand my portfolios in all areas. Without these people I would not be the photographer I am today.

Best regards,
- C.