Vancouver Photographer Locations:

The city of Vancouver offers up hundreds of diverse photography locations for any style of photography. Some of my locations in Vancouver are the following:

Gastown Vancouver Classic lived in feel. A mix of old and new architecture provides dozens of stylized backdrops and locations for this style of shoot.

Kitsalano Charming down to earth. Located just south of the Burrard bridge Kitsalano is an excellent location for charming street lifestyle photography.

Davie Street Alternative Grunge. Downtown Vancouver claims host to Davie Street (and Thurlow). I don’t mean Alternative Grunge in a bad way - in fact I live about 2 blocks from Davies St. But the location has an alternative lived in feel, similar to some areas in San Francisco.

Burrard and Robson Corporate Urban. Located in the Heart of downtown Vancouver. Lots of big buildings here, perfect for exterior executive photography, and people who are looking to have a very modern corporate look to their photographs.

Stanley Park Natural green space. Just north of downtown Vancouver is Stanley Park… which provides plenty of green space, views of the mountains and water front. Its an excellent location for outdoor lifestyle photographs.

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