Preparing for your Vancouver headshot session:

To prepare for your Vancouver headshot session there are some things you should consider in preparation for the shoot.

1. Practice your poses Even though we are shooting tight for the headshot, the body position will also have a slight influence in the photographs. I will of course suggest a series of poses for the session, but you should have at least 3 in your own mind that you have worked on before.

2. Make Up Of course we can provide make up and hair, but if you are getting it done on your own, make sure to get even neutral make up (for both men and women)… In addition ladies make sure to tell your make up artist to think “Natural Beauty” instead of “Sexy”.

3. Expressions In order to have a successful headshot session you need to have and give me several expressions. This shouldn’t be a problem because you are an actor after all, but you still should practice in front of a mirror.

4. Know your side This is not a joke. Almost every celebrity has a good side, and you should get to know this very early on. Take a look at old photos of yourself and you will begin to see what is your good side. I will also shoot you from both sides incase you don’t know, but its better of you know which side you shoot well from.

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