What to wear when you have a headshot session:

This is debated constantly amongst photographers, casting directors and agents. The truth is there are no real rules. However if you book a headshot session with me I suggest two changes of clothing. One in an outfit you feel most comfortable in, the other, a lightweight black sweater (cashmere). I personally like the black sweater look because it simplifies the headshot and takes away all distractions from the photograph.

Be Comfortable One thing is for sure - you need to feel good in your headshot session, so if you feel comfortable in sneakers and jeans go for it. Make sure your cloths are well tailored especially for men, there is nothing worse than a shirt that doesn't fit right. You are spending alot of money on a photo session so make sure your cloths fit.

Talk to Your Agent Like I said before, there are no real rules to what you “have to wear” but some agents like a certain look, so chat with your agent. That’s what they are there for.

No Logos One big "no no" are logos in headshots - make sure your clothes don’t have any which we can be seen. If you wear a Ed Herdy shirt in your headshot session and the casting call comes for a Cowboy or Normal Guy part, you will not even make it past the casting directors screening phase. So keep your clothing neutral.

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