Tips for Executive and Corporate Portraits:

Here are some basic tips for Executive and Corporate portraiture. Although our style may be formal business portraiture, or an off the wall artistic interpretation of a new age portrait, these tips are universal.

Clothing (MEN AND WOMEN) Clean, Crisp, Cool… I would suggest having the clothing you are to be photographed in professionally cleaned and ready for the day of your session. This will ensure it’s immaculate for the photographs. Even if you are a client who wants to wear a golf shirt, you should have it cleaned before. Make you have a well-pressed shirt and wrinkle free, you can ensure this by changing into your garments just before the session. Men tie your tie just before we shoot.

Shaving (MEN) Each man is different when it comes to facial hair, but as a rule I would suggest having a clean shave at least 3 hrs before your session, hairless faces tend to make you will look slimmer and more clean cut. If you have sensitive skin at least 5 hours before works well. If you have facial hair its fine, just make sure its cleaned up.

Jewelry (MEN AND WOMEN) With the exception of your wedding ring if you have one men should stick to high-end time pieces only. Women on the other hand have a plethora of choices. I would suggest simple and classy. Gold looks fine, but keep it to a minimum, if not you end up looking like ZAZA Gabor.

Hair and Make Up (MEN AND WOMEN) I suggest make up for both men and women. Yes I even suggest it for a man, especially if the Man is over the age of 40. Make up can soften blemishes even out skin tones. Women should ensure their make up is neutral but has a sight sass to it. It’s a very very fine line… but I think all women in business should have a little edge to their game. Just make sure its not the same style as if you were going out to a party.

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