Choosing a Vancouver Photographer

1. You should be looking for a Vancouver Photographer who has portfolios in the area of photography you are looking to commission. Many clients are unaware that the skills and equipment needed for a Vancouver documentary photographer are much different than those skills needed for a Vancouver commercial photographer.

2. Ensure you know what exactly your final deliverables are from your Vancouver photographer. Most Vancouver photographers will quote you on a half-day or full day rate. Some Vancouver photographers include processing, final images and assistant fees in their day rates, while other Vancouver photographers choose to charge you additional processing and deliverable charges on top of their day rate. Know what you are getting into when you ask for a quote.

3. Vancouver is one of the most vibrant and artistic cities in Canada. So naturally it attracts some of the best photographic talent in the country. This pretty much means a client will have plenty of excellent options when choosing a Vancouver Photographer. This also means a client has the chance to send out several RFQ’s to photographers who would be well suited for the job.

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